Corn is the new font for clean and modern design. Its rounded corners give the font a smooth appearance. It also features numbers, symbols and language support. It is free for personal use only, so for any commercial use buy an license. Important: If your company/client has more than 10 employees please get an extended license.  Corn is available in several styles and a full family package including all 14 styles.

License            Free for personal use
Designer          Nora Bruckhoff
Downloads:    20.000

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Read the license conditions before buying.


CORN thin
thin and italic    15$         buy_button2-01     

Corn light
light and italic      15$          buy_button2-01

Corn Regular
regular and italic    15$         buy_button2-01

Corn Medium
medium and italic     15$      buy_button2-01

Corn Bold
bold and italic     15$            buy_button2-01

Corn Extrabold
etxrabold and italic     15$     buy_button2-01

Corn Black
black and italic  15$             buy_button2-01


complete family        35$          buy_button2-01