Prequel – the vintage Sequel

One year ago I created “Sequel”, my first font which opened my world to type design. Now I can finally introduce “Prequel”, the remake of Sequel with new letters, better kerning, a lot of improvements and a lower x-height. You’ll get the full set of 330 glyphs including numbers, many symbols and language support for many countries! It also features eight cool ligatures for unique designs and all of this in an italic version, too!
Next to the awesome rough style you now can also get a light, bold and regular clean style and a cool shadow style!

It is free for personal use only, so for any commercial use buy an license. Important: If you are a company with more than 10 members contact me for an extended license. 

License             Free for personal use
Designer          Philip Trautmann
Downloads:    50.000

download_button    regular and rough demo


Prequel Light
light and italic        12$           buy_button2-01

Prequel Regular
regular and italic    12$           buy_button2-01

Prequel Bold
bold and italic         12$           buy_button2-01

Prequel Shadow
shadow and italic     12$         buy_button2-01

Prequel Rough
rough and italic    12$              buy_button2-01

complete family           29$          buy_button2-01